Which yoga mat is best

Yoga Gentle Flow will provide some unbiased general guidelines as we are not endorsing any specific brand.

There are different shapes and colours, and textures, the most important aspect of finding out about a yoga mat before buying it, its functionality.

A mat will fit its purpose if:

Protects you from slipping on the floor, the first important aspect on a mat its a non-slippery surface, fortunately, most of the mats on the market are designed to meet this requirement.


Protects you from direct contact with the floor thus mat length and width are important, check your height and width and give few extra centimetres, there are larger sizes on the market for tall people.


Protects you from hurting your body by doing exercises on hard surfaces thus thickness level is essential when you lie down in supine position as your spine is on direct contact with your mat,  a little extra cushion is useful, it does not mean a tick mat will be better,  as a thick and soft mat will be a challenge when performing standing one-legged balance positions as your feet will not have good support to the floor.


thick mat

You could use an extra towel over your mat to give extra thickness during lying positions.

However, if your practice is going to be mainly on the floor you could be fine with a soft tick mat.

If you practice yoga in a carpeted area or natural grass outdoors, a thin yoga mat will do the job, even a large towel or a picnic rug could replace the use of a mat in these cases.

the other aspects such as color, special design and material as obviously natural materials are better than synthetic ones, depend on your personal preference and  your budget, the most important  aspects that you should look in a mat before buying it is firmeness, gripness, and size
It is highly recommended using your own mat for hygiene reasons and especially during this pandemic crisis if you have no other option to use an existing mat on your yoga venue, make sure you take your spry sanitiser or disinfectant wipes to clean it before use.

Hope this helps you on making your decision, as you need to balance your requirements based on your personal situation such as injuries, age, the type of yoga, floor and your budget.