“I love yoga, the feelings from movement to stillness, the sense of spaciousness and most significantly, I appreciate how these feelings continue to resonate within me after my practice. My desire is to share this joy with others.”

Mirtha started to practice yoga in her early twenties when she was a UNI student more than 20 years ago. As a result of high academic demands, soon the benefits of yoga provided her with stress release and flexibility improvement. She had the opportunity to facilitate yoga to UNI students and currently at Yoga Gentle Flow – HORNSBY and in another Wellness Centre. She has facilitated over 2,000 yoga sessions.

She holds a Diploma in Yoga teaching from Nature Care College, New South Wales, Australia and former member “Level 2 Teacher” of Yoga Australia.

She is learning constantly, inspired by past and present yoga masters and teachers. 

Her style is strong on breath awareness, focus, balance and flexibility development, based on safety and caring. participants are facilitated gradually to get them into the movement or posture or adapt the posture or movement, appreciating individual uniqueness. She has been living in Sydney for 20 years. She loves nature and enjoys expressing herself through dancing.