What to expect

Mindful body movements and  postures.to enhance circulation and well-being,  finding your own body limits and. moving gently  with awareness on your own experience .

We all are constant learners, each day could be different for your mind-body experience. thus your yoga practice will be different. aware of your limitations, you are encouraged to make any modification as you need.

General and ongoing sessions run for 1 hour and 15 minutes, starting with standing preparation exercises that prepare your breath, mind and conditions your body for safe transition into Yoga. Participants will learn to be aware of their breath and to balance their strength, flexibility and relaxation to gently flow between movements and poses. Facilitating them discover their innate power through a receptive and softening approach, rather than a rigid and resistant way of moving. Caring for yourself through your practice is more important than mastering any particular pose.

A deep short relaxation is undertaken at the end of each class.


Time table and fees

Tuesdays 9.30AM to 10.45AM – ongoing

You pay only for attended classes

  • 10 sessions pass $160
  • 5 sessions pass $80
  • First trial session OR casual session $20
  • Pay as you go available, ask for details
  • Public Holidays CLOSSED

Recommended wear

It’s best to wear loose cloths or clothing that is comfortable for you. We practice barefoot to prevent slipping and to get the full use of the feet, you could bring your socks to wear for relaxation especially on winter. It is also recommended to practise yoga on an empty stomach or at least one or two hours after a full meal. Participants will be asked to bring their own mats or towel.

Special conditions

If you have any condition that could affect your practice we appreciate you let us know, in case of having a illness or a history of serious illness, check with your doctor before you begin to practise.

If you are pregnant you are welcome to join us after 6 weeks of delivery or when your doctor recommends, as we do not run prenatal yoga classes.

We follow the NSW department of health advice on regards to COVID pandemic.

Classes are limited to a maximum number of 10  given  each participant more than 4 sq. metre space.

We have plenty of natural airflow to allow proper ventilation

.We are scheduled to return to the venue on the 1st. December 2021